Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Merlin is 6 months

Time flies! Already 6 months that Merlin changed our life!
This gonna be the last update on the blog; friends and family will get updates on  other venue.
He is growing well and everyday is different.
He had and still has some little pain because he is cutting his first teeth.
The teeth he had when he was born actually disappear in the gum; now he has two sharp little teeth at the bottom of his mouth.
He started to eat few 'solid' (mashed food), he loves avocado; bananas and fresh juice when he asked for it.
He still loves to sleep in Mommy's arm during the day and sleep 3 to 6 hours at night.
He loves being outside, watching nature and being tickle by the wind!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Baby Merlin is 5 months old

There is no word to describe this great experience and journey with baby Merlin!
Every day is different and my way of thinking and living is so much different than for my two first child.
Merlin is growing beautifully;
This month he maintain his sitting position a little bit more but not fully yet;
He is still teething and some days are not fun.
As he was very interested and excited to see us drink and eat, it was his first introduction to juices:
He first tried fresh coconut water (we are blessed to be able to have those, love them myself, it's the ultimate drink!), he loves it too; then he tried juices: Apple/grenadillas, oranges, and bananas,orange,lemon smoothie, just few small spoons.
Then he tried mashed banana.
We are really listening to his body and face language to answer his needs.

For the elimination communication, as he become heavier, we started to introduce a little potty (yes, this can be weird at this age but now I believe that elimination can be taught the same way than other body function!); we still hold him under his leg but now over the potty and it works great.
Each time he is done, he gave us a sweet little smile of contentment!
He can hold his sphincters about 8 hours at night. He turns and moves to gave us the signal that he needs to eliminate.
That's very interesting.

Sleeping is still a bit challenging as he still needs to be rock or nursed to fall asleep and he usually does small cat naps from 15 min to 1 hour during the day.
He must have detectors as he feels whenever we try to put him in his bed!
At night, he started to do 5 hours sleep but since few days it's 3 hours again!...

He loves being outside in the baby carrier, hammock or stroller.
and he still loves being in the water.

Thank you for stopping by and following Merlin's journey...

Friday, June 20, 2014

Month 4...

Time flies and baby Merlin is growing fast!
He is a new baby every day! He is discovering his body; hands, feet, head... He is following people with his eyes and he is smiling back; He started to like being hold on his feet and today he tried the sitting position, holding it for few seconds.
He has started teething, not a fun time; looks like he enjoys his teething ring that we put in the freezer.
He is cooing and this is really cute!
He still has a hard time falling asleep and sometimes he sleeps for only 10 to 40 minutes;
Nights are a bit better, he wakes up to nurse a little and fall back to sleep for 3 to 4 hours.
We have started to let him sleep in his little bed during the day, since then we were co sleeping in the big bed!
Also he loves watching what we are eating, he looks very interested.
He makes us practice living in the present moment which is a gift.

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Merlin is 3 month old...

Another month have passed and Merlin is growing well.
By the end of this third month he had double his birth weight!.

We still have a little lack of sleep as Merlin needs to be rock in our arms to fall asleep!
Yes, we do not want to let him cry alone!
He is sleeping more deeply at night with two periods of 3 hours.

We still use The Elimination Communication and combine it with diaper. This is very interesting to see how a baby can control his sphincter and wait until we hold him to release.

I made a little journal on what I ate for about 15 days to find out what food Merlin was sensitive to;
So of course no dairy product (I was enjoying a piece of cheese once in a while!), no gluten, no red onion, no cabbage (including kale)...
So basically what I eat are fruits, salad, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado and sometimes steamed potatoes. It can be challenging some time as we learned to help our emotions with comfort food!
I need to think twice before eating anything that can hurt either my body or baby's body.

He enjoys his daily bath like a little fish in the water!
He has more control of his hands and can put his thumb in his mouth; he also started to maintain his head better.
When we carry him in our arms in straight position, he will lean back with his head.
He love watching the lights!
Looks like his little teeth has started to bother him.
That's it for this month; this is so nice to watch him growing.

We cannot resist his smiles!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Merlin is 2 months

Here we are! Second month for Merlin...
It has been an interesting month with more learning even if I have already two (big) kids there is still something to learn as each baby is different.
It has been challenging in getting enough sleep, some days I felt that I only have time to go to the washroom (if I even have the time!), as Merlin love to nurse and to be rock in our arms.
He was breastfeed every one to two and a half hours; only last night he slept 4 and a half hour and 3 hours straight, hooray! But my breast was not prepare for that and they were pretty full!
Breastfeeding has some little challenge as well... I read that it's not suppose to hurt, so I am working on it...it gets better today as well.
Food sensitivity is something I try to keep track for him to reduce gazes and colic
Here is a book I read this month about breastfeeding:
'The drinks are on me' by Veronika Sophia Robinson

Merlin is growing well, he is now around 10 pounds (4.6kg) and gain 10 cm in length !
He is changing so quickly; Everyday he is a new baby!

We had our first get out in town and Merlin Loves car rides! Even on bumpy roads!

We continue the EC (elimination communication) and we are surprise how well it works.

Merlin enjoy being in water and the little plastic tube is already too small! It's way better in the big bathtub .

He is starting to coo a little and he is looking to get his thumb in his mouth...not easy task for a baby!

Thank you for your visit!...

Monday, March 17, 2014

Baby Merlin is 1 month old.

Yes! Already a month!
Baby Merlin is adorable and (his smiles are irresistible!) he is growing fast.
Mommy is lacking some sleep and baby has some colic sometimes but we are getting better.
I'd love to understand why babies have colic if breast milk is suppose to be the best and mommy is watching what she ate!...
I didn't know how hungry and thirsty we can be when we breastfeed! So I am eating more whole food with some mashed potatoes, steam veggies (like swiss chards, beets...) but I still try to keep most of them raw and juices.

Little Merlin love to be in water (it's not a surprise as he lived in it for more than 8 months, he was born in water and I was really attract by water while pregnant).

A little fact about Merlin: we discovered that he was born with two little teeth!

We started to try Communication Elimination with him;
This is really interesting to see how you can answer your baby's needs and how a new born is able to control his sphincters.
It was a bit hard for me to believe but after seeing few families who experienced it and reading the book  Diaper Free: The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene by Ingrid Bauer), we decided to give it a try and this is really rewarding to be able to answer one of your baby's need.
We don't 'catch' everything but it's a good start.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Our Birth Story...

Merlin was born on February 17th  at 38 weeks and one day; 3 days after the Valentine full moon.

It all started around 1 am, I was having some light contractions like every other nights, so I started my little 'dance'.
At 2:30am, the contractions were closer and I understood it was serious this time, so I started preparing my den!: sweeping the bathroom floor, emptying the garbage can, preparing the towels etc has we had plan an unassisted water birth.
At 3:30am the contractions were every few minutes apart, so I woke up Hubby and asked him to prepare the bath; it was a bit challenging to get in the bath tub between contractions.
We settle a soft lighting and some candles.
Once in water, I squatted and swing on the contractions waves, breathing as I felt it; But I realized I was breathing too deeply and it over ventilated me, I was kind of dizzy and the candles made me see like a white orb, so we blew them up. I thought that the water would have been more helpful but I accepted as it was thinking that it could be worst!
As time went, the contractions were stronger and stronger, I had to find another position and I turned around, I was starting to find the process to be too long and I started to worry a bit but suddenly a big contraction with a push broke my water and I felt like an empty pouch, that worried me as well, but I brought back some positive affirmations and as the pain was very strong I asked hubby for some natural oxytocin that he gave me with kisses and hugs, it helped a lot.
A new feeling came; a feeling to push, I was not sure if it was the right time but once again I trusted  my natural instinct and let my body do his job.
I was massaging and supporting my perineum and suddenly felt baby's head crowning; it was a powerful moment. With each push I was holding hubby's wrists tightly and focusing on opening for the baby ; I tuned with him to work together. A strong push associated with a guttural sound make his head appear; I asked hubby to support his head; he was surprised to feel his little nose; it was a magical and very strong moment. Then another strong push came and baby's body came out with a kind of a twist; hubby helped him gently to get out of the water on Mommy's tummy. Pure bliss moment! We did it!
Our baby boy was here crying a little and calming in Mom's arms.
He was cover with some vernix caseosa.
After few minutes, I decided to get out of the bath to deliver the placenta; we wrapped baby and mommy in towels and it was a bit challenging again as I had not much energy.
I sit over a bucket and waited for the placenta trying to get another contraction...but nothing; I was loosing the rest of my energy and started to faint; Hubby helped me to stay awake and then helped the placenta to come out by pulling gently on the ombilical cord (as we read it in an unassisted birthing book), I was not sure about that but finally after 40 minutes, the placenta came out and I was out of energy and almost fainted 2 more times; I was really pale.
I then went on the floor to rest and drank a fresh coconut water; baby was sleeping peacefully with his umbilical cord still attach to his placenta.
It was a wonderful experience, it was a conscious birthing where we discovered much about the power of our own body.